Tuesday, November 24, 2009

free range

its been great getting some feedback already about this crazy thing im doing.

quite a few of you have asked where you will be able to buy the clothes....well.....

it sort of depends on where you are...and how quickly things develop on this end. what i know for now is that i will be having two 'launches' as such in australia when i return for a month at the end of march. the prelaunch will be in geelong and the actual launch..in adelaide. i will give details once i have them.
as well as that im happy to mail smallish orders. once i have big amounts to sell i will send it via thailand since its a lot cheaper.

ive had a few people ask about larger sized clothes....something im well aware of...and yes...im definately catering to those of us who are more of the free range size.

let me know if you have any specific requests or ideas for clothing that you think would be popular.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

off and running...

so here i am trying to figure out this blog thing. funny really. im so clueless when it comes to this stuff but im hoping that it wont be long before this is all second nature to me. im getting so many questions about 'here and there' that it will definately be easier if i can just point people in this direction.

the current status is this:

i have a room full of fun materials that i have found at the local markets as well as the phnom penh markets. everything has been washed and im now in the process of sorting. starting december 2 ive got two cambodian ladies coming to work here in our home. they will work three days a week from 8am to 5pm with an hours lunch break.

as soon as i have some clothes to show i will figure out how to post them on here for you all to check them out. at this stage the hoodies will be first since i have so much material for them in lots of fun colours.

ive also asked my friend hannah from 'Dorsu' to make 100 shirts. these shirts are made from material that is woven here in town with natural cotton and dyed with natural dyes. the buttons are made from mother of pearl...and honestly..they look fantastic. i call them 'char' tops thanks to my beautiful friend char frost who let me borrow her shirt and zoom into the market to have one made for me. at this stage the shirts will be made from either pink, gray or khaki natural cotton (soft cheese cloth).

one thing that im super excited about is that right now there is a beautiful little workshop in phnom penh that is run by local cambodians - they employ cambodian with disabilities (either from landmines or polio) - who are making these beautiful baby sleeping pouches for me. the pouches look so good but the best bit is that the people working there are so thrilled to have this project given to them since they are pretty low on funds.

so that is the smallest nutshell ever. but at least its something. i will definately try to post more over the next few days to make sure i stay up to date since things are developing so quickly.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009