Tuesday, November 24, 2009

free range

its been great getting some feedback already about this crazy thing im doing.

quite a few of you have asked where you will be able to buy the clothes....well.....

it sort of depends on where you are...and how quickly things develop on this end. what i know for now is that i will be having two 'launches' as such in australia when i return for a month at the end of march. the prelaunch will be in geelong and the actual launch..in adelaide. i will give details once i have them.
as well as that im happy to mail smallish orders. once i have big amounts to sell i will send it via thailand since its a lot cheaper.

ive had a few people ask about larger sized clothes....something im well aware of...and yes...im definately catering to those of us who are more of the free range size.

let me know if you have any specific requests or ideas for clothing that you think would be popular.

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