Friday, December 4, 2009

and so it begins...

so its day two of production and things are coming along really smoothly. of course there are little hickups like not having the right colour thread at the market. neshica saved the day by finding some in the little hut a few doors down. who would have thought that they sell thread in amongst the chilies, ginger and salted fish?

the whole family are getting involved with steve hanging out fabric to dry...and Time really getting into the ironing. neshica is thrilled to be learning how to sew properly and has announced that she is buying her own sewing machine with her savings.

i finally got some photos on that i know how to do it i can snap away as things develop. i just had to get some photos from the place where i buy my natural cotton from. the girls there make such beautiful fabric on these massive rickety old looms.

so far so good....everyone seems pretty happy to be part of this crazy adventure.

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