Thursday, January 14, 2010

so its a new year...and the launch date is coming up pretty damn quick!

so much is going on. the ladies are busy with sewing hoodies at the moment. the blouses are finished and im pretty sure we got all the skirts we could out of the material i had.

ive visited a few different places as well. one of them a two hour tuktuk trip into the middle of nowhere with the whole family. the place is run by 'bridges across borders' - and they have a few different things set up to generate some income for the locals.

it was great to see the weaving that they do over there....all run by local women. beautiful fabrics that i have now ordered a whole bunch of to make some tops and dresses with. they also make coconut shell jewelry that i hope to sell as well.

ill add some photos since thats always a good way to let you guys know whats happening without me having to waffle on.

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