Thursday, February 11, 2010


im excited to finally be able to show some of the marley pouches on offer...

i asked the 'cambodian handicapped association' to sew them for me since they were really needing some cash.... they were so thrilled to make the pouches though and are happy to keep making more if people buy them. it would mean a steady income for them which is pretty exciting.

i walked down the road to get some photos of a baby in the actual sleeping bag...and had a little photoshoot session...and funnily enough the sleepingbag was such a hit that the young mum asked if she could keep the bag!! of course i couldnt say no.

and if you are wondering why i called it a "Marley Pouch"....the story is that some very very good friends of ours...daniel and miranda got pregnant right before we left oz. when this sleeping bag idea came to mind i decided i would name it after their matter what that name might be...

amazingly enough...on the same day that the sleeping bags were delivered to me...we got the news that little Marley Hampton was born!!

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