Friday, February 12, 2010

rabbit island adventure...

so we had friends come and visit us on their way back to oz. a friend offered to look after the kids so we could have a nice little getaway as two couples...i was thinking a much needed romantic visit to rabbit island...just the four of us...

well...plans changed..and our friend couldnt i figured the kids might as well come along as well... then Any wanted to join us...and then - lo and behold...the sewing ladies wanted to come as well....and bring one of their sons.....AND...then we figured we might as well invite srei-net and her mum who is the iron lady...and then...Any's sister wanted to join in the within a few hours of us thinking that we were four people heading off...we had a grand total of SEVENTEEN!!!

so we quickly booked an extra tuktuk..and added a moto into the mix and off we went.

im really glad it was a last minute thing so i didnt need to spend any time figuring out how we were going to make it happen.

we had such a great really was magic. everyone got along so well...the sewing ladies had an absolute blast...they played games for hours on the beach with the kids...laughing until they fell over.

meals were somewhat interesting to order with three coeliac...two muslims and one person not eating rice.

all in all it was such a success...and we will definately have to do it again.

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